/ɪpseɪ/ *ip-say*

'IPSE' is an acronym for 4 aspects of well-being; intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional. On ipse wilderness journeys, when we ask in circle time, 'how are you?', we really want to know, on all these levels. This might be the first time someone has asked you, and really listened to the answer! How ARE you, really?

Intellectually: how are your thoughts? Buzzing? Ordered? Slow? Sharp?

Physically: how is your body feeling? Strong? In pain? Bloated? Fit?

Spiritually: how connected do you feel? Lost? Curious? Isolated? Empathic?

Emotionally: what are your feelings? Sad? Angry? Happy? Anxious?

But 'ipse' is also a Latin pronoun meaning 'self'. The word has masculine, feminine and neuter forms, meaning 'himself', 'herself' and 'itself'.

So 'ipse wilderness' is a holistic approach to well-being, with a focus on self-exploration. 

“A beautiful opportunity to reflect on ourselves away from the daily hustle and bustle of life.”
— Previous participant; 'I Am She', August 2017